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7 ways to improve customer's identity experience at sign-up

7 ways to improve customer's identity experience at sign-up


Your sign-up flow is crucial in making a good first-impression with new customers. Identity verification is a necessary part of this - it’s how you keep yourself and your users safe - and it doesn’t have to be frictional.

At Onfido we pride ourselves in helping our partners craft the best possible user experience for customer’s verifying their identity. It’s how we maximise completion rates, and minimise drop-off.

In this webinar, Lizzie Laundy (UX Research Lead) and Charlotte Sferruzza (Product Design Lead) will share their top tips for creating great identity flows, with user experience in mind.

Register now to learn:

How to prepare users for identity verification and manage expectations
How to build identity flows with all outcomes in mind - including ‘unhappy paths’
How cognitive friction can sometimes be more important than number of clicks
And much more!
Register here https://onfido.com/landing/7-ways-to-improve-customers-identity-experience-at-sign-up/?_hsmi=110660086&_hsenc=p2ANqtz--7NNnfsc-jMSpOCamTydhKoCQYUaug4O2pv1m6IS_dUru53HYeBjwXu9PzTMqhwL4KZkFqAKrXaUIWLFL-K8numu8kN5ETAhFVniqggxoBmLiIH_Q&utm_source=Innovate%20Finance

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