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Europe Lending Innovation Summit

Europe Lending Innovation Summit


We all realize that in this decade it will become essential for every lender to provide instant disbursement of funding for approved borrowers. The time is past for borrowers having to wait one, two, three or even five days for funding to reach their bank account.

The technology is already in place. Younger customers are starting to expect it and, as an industry, we need to be moving in this direction. But there are challenges to implementing instant funding.

Trustly has become a world leader in instant disbursements and they are already working with a number of European lenders. We are delighted that the head of Trustly’s UK business, Mario Klapsis, will be joining us at the Lending Innovation Summit on 3 March to discuss the challenges and opportunities of instant disbursements.

The future is arriving fast and lenders need to move quickly. Register today to learn from the experts about how to navigate this new world.

Register Now https://www.lendit.com/europe/2021/register?utm_source=marketo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=europe-2021&utm_content=keynote-02-26&mkt_tok=OTIyLUhGSS05MTMAAAF7fIyGrh1TRv8f1nGihejLapjTb75Gl93xZfEmKqLTS1i028EMBgzWO59jIeLE23bYoR26uAvKYNZ7041Zm5aripkGFC8RDUqklYkRJPzT

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