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The Economist's inaugural Innovation@Work Virtual Week

The Economist's inaugural Innovation@Work Virtual Week


Join 60+ speakers and 1000+ attendees for 5 days of thought-provoking discussion.


This is a bold, new, technology-focused event tightly centred on the future of work:

Are we worried that the workplace is becoming a ‘wokeplace’?
Scaling up with cyber resilience at work: reconceptualising ‘Covid-secure’ in the cloud
Is WFH here to stay? Trends, data and post-pandemic predictions
From hot-desking to social distancing: how can we make it safe to go back into the office
Virtual hiring and onboarding: lessons learned from the epicentre of HR


Register free https://eventsregistration.economist.com/events/innovation-at-work-london-2021/registration-4dd29c94ed774badb06289b5ec7b6668.aspx?4W,I4,713f8983-02b0-48f1-9404-06e5f9712173=&r=713f8983-02b0-48f1-9404-06e5f9712173&tystub=97qrjc&utm_campaign=EM1721+-+Email+2+-+VIP+-+HTML+-+Reminder&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua&fqp=true

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